Along with smart watches that monitor heart rate and activity, the latest craze in the fitness world is on demand services.  Personal fitness has transitioned from gyms, to home videos, and now to online.  Technology opens up many opportunities in all aspects of our lives.  So, just what requirements are needed for a home gym?

Online health and fitness services provide convenience, privacy, flexibility, and education for your self-motivated “get fit” plan.  Ranging from free to monthly or annual packages, these services offer beginner to advanced level workouts like yoga, pilates, stretching, mindfulness, strength training, abs, cardio, walking, rehab, and many others.  There’s something for everyone!  There are programs that incorporate equipment like ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bicycles.  Diet plans, one-on-one personal training, blog posts, recipes, nutrition, and even goal tracking are offered in pricier programs.  Routines typically range between 15-60 minutes at any time of day for your convenience.  On demand streaming can be accessed anywhere there is Wi-Fi or a Network Connection.

In designing a home gym, consideration needs to be made for an inviting, functional, and motivating space.  Natural or bright lights stimulate energy.  Mirrors allow a visual for proper form.  Air quality is important in hot and humid environments.  A separate heating/cooling system or controls is ideal.  Ceiling or stand-alone fans will help make the room more comfortable.  Desirable is sound-deadening flooring, walls, and ceiling accomplished with insulation and special finishing materials like carpet tiles.  Recommended flooring includes, rubber, sheet vinyl, hardwood, or carpet tiles.

Be sure to allow plenty of room for planned activities.  On demand fitness requires space to move around doing aerobic moves, lifting weights, and floor space.  Large equipment requires certain clearance so be sure to check with the manufacturer.  A good home gym will have a rack, bench, barbells, plates, and dumbbells for strength training.  Proper placement of technology allows face-to-face interaction with an instructor via a webcam.  Let us design and build your virtual home gym to hone a more efficient healthy body so you feel amazing!