Design Dilemma:

We’re on a limited budget this year but want to incorporate the spirit of the season into holiday decoration.   We have a new small Christmas tree with a limited selection of favorite ornaments.  What ideas can you share to use free or a “next to nothing” cost to add jolly to our holiday?

(credit: Charles Schultz)

Sue’s Solution:

It’s easy to “deck the halls with boughs of holly” when you go “shopping” outdoors.  Keep in mind, “less is more” and group like-items together.  Use balance and proportion to fill up your 3D space – up and all around.  Pick a color scheme, red and green from the outdoors is a great choice.  Adding blue accents will update the look.  Texture and pattern add visual appeal.  Light and reflections in mirrors or on metals bring a display to life.  A fun idea, as seen below, is to use a ladder as a tree and decorate with ball ornaments, painted pine-cones, etc. and add light strings.