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This guide is to help homeowners differentiate the new concept of “design-build” and traditional “design-bid-build” method of project delivery. Most people would wonder, why would anyone dare to drop “bid” from the design-build project delivery? The real question is, who is in charge of the bid portion of the project?

Building projects 4,000 years ago were delivered by architects in charge, A.K.A. “Master Builders”. Therefore, it was the Master Builder taking overall responsibility for the project including design, bid, and construction. However, from the beginning of the 20th century, the legal world has crafted a new traditional design-bid-build project delivery (notice even the wording “new traditional” is a contradiction in terms). This has placed the owner in charge of the design, estimates, and construction of their homes. In most cases, this method inherently results in miscommunications, compromised home design and construction budget overruns. These plights then cause adversarial relationships amongst the owner, builder and architect.

Fortunately in the 21st century, homeowners realize that this new concept of “design-build” is NOT new at all. They have discovered that it is not worth the time and effort to keep track of the design, estimates, and construction independently. Today, educated and savvy owners opt to go with design-build project delivery for their homes. It is an absolute must for cost- and time-conscious construction without design compromise.

Operating a successful design-build business requires a person with a unique skill set – a rational and practical person who can be conscientious of design quality, construction methodology, and delivery deadlines, all at the same time. Additionally, this person earns respect and confidence with their unquestionable reputation and deep knowledge of various building components and systems, and all aspects of the construction process.

A reputable architect leading the design-build home project is a better choice.

Following are the ten reasons why…

  1. Quality Time

This indeed is the best of all benefits for you as the homeowner – still being free to spend quality time during the design phase with your love ones and family. To accommodate your busy work schedule, many samples of floor and wall finishes, cabinetry, countertops, brick and stone colors, roof styles and texture, etc. will be presented by your design-builder so you can compare and make intelligent choices.

  1. Project Journal

This unique journal is an entire collage of your home project. It has detailed information about the site selection, your family activities, room sizes, budget/estimates, project research/collections, design sketches, correspondence/meeting minutes, construction photos, reports, change orders, etc. A well-written journal sets high performance expectations from your design-builder.

  1. Overall Project Picture

Before construction begins, you will have made final decisions on all designs, project budget, and construction schedule. After experiencing a virtual walk-thru and color renderings, you will be assured that coordination of the design and construction teams will be facilitated by your design-builder.

  1. Integrity of Design

Your design-builder understands that your dream home is close to your heart.   To maintain the integrity of your vision, clarity of communication is provided between you, your architect and your contractor. When designing your new home, each exterior and interior detail becomes a piece of the big picture, and no detail is too small to ignore.

  1. Open Communication

Honest and pragmatic communication is best handled by your design-builder. With your best interests in mind, he aligns the design/construction teams and defines a plan of action. This includes resolution to debates between tradesmen, handling of technical issues, and making decisive design changes as necessary without compromising the overall design.

  1. Save Time

At the start of design, the construction team is included in the planning, to minimize budget discrepancies and miscommunications. Building frame/components, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems are analyzed early on to assure efficient, quality design. This allows you to “put all your ducks in a row” before breaking ground.

  1. Save Money

Your design-builder and construction team comes in handy when deciding on alternative materials and methods during the design phase of the project. You, as the owner, will appreciate the savings not only for building materials, but also in regards to heating, cooling, and other energy consumption.

  1. Quality Control

Your design-builder will assure that all tradesmen comply with the specifications on your home plans, including building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components. He will also detect and remedy all shortcuts and missing items that could be hazardous to your home’s overall structure.

  1. Environmentally Sound/ Energy Efficient Design

Your design-builder can implement green friendly elements and/or energy free systems in your home project. Also, he can assure that these complex elements blend seamlessly in your home design. For instance, solar panels can be properly located and integrated with the roof geometry for curb appeal or for simple harmony.

  1. Intelligent Living

The integration of technology into your new home can be coordinated with your design-builder. During the design phase, your added features will be researched and evaluated for durability and quality, making sure your quality of life is as luxurious as your new surroundings.


  1. Optional Integration of Innovative Building Elements or Designs

With the painfully unpredictable, lightning-fast evolution of new inventions for your home, your design-builder with his design and construction team is constantly discussing and researching for every innovative item sought. Some of the examples are showers with integrated tanning system, integrated kitchen sink-dishwasher sink, remote doorbell with camera alert to your smart phone

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