Five Approaches to Fresh Curb Appeal

A home’s first impression gives an inside peek into its residents. Evaluating paint, landscaping, lighting, mailbox, and hardware every spring can help your home look neat and clean.
1. Fresh paint on the front door, trim, and exterior make a home look well cared for. Pick neutral colors coordinating with the neighborhood. Don’t be that “black sheep of the family” when it comes to the look of your house.

2.  Landscaping should complement the home, not overpower it. A good design moves the eye through the entire yard using two to three color groupings and a good mix of textures and sizes. Use color throughout all three growing seasons. If neighbors use mulch, do the same. A new layering of dark mulch looks rich and fresh.

3. Professional lighting adds appeal. Replace house lights with fixtures matching the house style. Solar lights are an affordable and easy to install option for pathways and accent lighting. Uplight trees, downlight the house, or moonlight special areas.

4. Replace the mailbox or freshly paint a box in good condition. Do not add décor to the mailbox. It should look well cared for but not distract from the beautiful home and yard. Make sure a box on a post stands straight.

5. Consider replacing the front door hardware. Install new, easy to see house numbers. Doorbells and knockers need to be in good working order.

Steer clear of clutter, purchase a cheerful new welcome mat, pressure wash oil stains, moss, and debris from the driveway and sidewalks, and make sure all window coverings are a simple, uniform white color. Now that everything’s taken care of, sit back and enjoy the compliments!


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