Get the Most for Your Money


Design Dilemma:

Eight months ago we sought out a builder to help bring our dream of a 3400 SF home into reality.  We needed to lower the cost so we were promised a 3000 SF home to fit our budget.  After three months of waiting to see architectural drawings, we were told there would be a substantial delay.  Then, five more months of complete frustration over back-ups, being told they can’t start work, and poor communication has us looking for other options now.  Where do we go from here?

John’s Solution:

Time is money. Overtime is more money. Unfortunately, this builder most likely promised something he couldn’t later justify.   A Needs and Options Report considers all factors:  process, budget, and timeline.  You might find the 3400 SF plan is indeed a better option and there might be ways to get there within your current budget.  The right architect becomes apparent where there is good communication and feelings of trust.  When an architect spends quality time with you up front, it’s a good bet there will be essential communication between all parties including craftsmen and designers. Trust the process and trust your architect/builder.   The more information you have up front before the build begins, the easier the process will be for all involved.

The Far Side, Gary Larson, 1985