New And Improved Vanity Lighting



The lighting in my bathroom is terrible!  It’s so frustrating applying make-up and my husband complains about shaving.  Help!  What can we do to improve the situation in our bathroom?


Good lighting makes the face.  All three types of lighting, ambient, accent, and task, should be layered in each lighted room, including the bathroom. Things to consider are color and temperature of bulbs and shadows.  Facial angles create shadows and can morph one’s look in a number of unflattering ways.  I recommend installing a new lighted mirror over your vanity that is lit all around.  Within recent months, many manufacturers have introduced LED lit mirrors.  The lighting is built in the mirror getting rid of the need for other fixtures.  With a clean contemporary look, these LEDs provide bright clear long-lasting light closest to that of sunlight.  They make it so easy to illuminate the face from above, below, and from the sides.  The results will be something to love!