RING, A Smart Home Security System That Really Rings the Bell

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Safely Answer the Door From Anywhere

RING is a Caller-ID for the Front Door

Two clients this year installed RING video doorbells during new construction.

What’s the buzz about and why does it deserve a look?


  • “Alexa, who’s at the front door?” RING is owned by Amazon and fully integrates with Amazon Alexa.
  • Sync the easy-to-use Video Doorbell, Camera, and Alarm Security System together for complete home security OR use RING products separately.
  • Install the RING App and operate RING via Apple, Android, or Windows 10.
  • RING operates without subscription OR subscribe to the RING Alarm Home Security System for a modest fee with 24/7 professional security and additional features such as recording/saving videotape.
  • Hardwired attachment to a computer is not necessary BUT  Wireless Internet connection is required to send live video and audio to RING devices via the RING App.
  • The customizable system can easily be set up within 15 minutes. Professional installation is not required.
  • Enjoy the quality hardware and additional accessories including Night Vision motion sensors, solar chargers, security signs, and much more.
  • FCC approved RING provides limited warranties and theft protection.


  • See, hear, and speak to visitors at the door remotely.
  • RING Video Doorbell provides instant mobile/tablet alerts of motion or doorbell ring, video of door, and two-way audio allowing conversation with someone at the front door even when away from home.
  • Multiple doorbells can be specified and notifications include information on which doorbell shows activity.
  • RING Video Doorbell can be shared with other users and on multiple devices.
  • RING Video Doorbell can be hardwired to existing doorbell or operated wirelessly via built-in battery.  Batteries typically run 6-12 months between charge and low battery reminders are sent via Email and App.
  • If Internet connection is disrupted, the doorbell can still be heard inside and out but audio and video data cannot be sent via RING App.
  • Multiple color options provide seamless decorating.


  • Three security cameras work with RING:  RING Floodlight Cam, RING Spotlight Cam, and Stick Up Cam.
  • RING Floodlight Cam provides HD video, two flood lights, remote activation, 110Db alarm, two-way audio with noise cancellation, 270 degree motion sensing, and 140 degree field view.
  • RING Spotlight Cam supplies anyplace mounting, four configurations:  wired, battery, solar, and mount, two-way talk, motion zones, and lights control.
  • Stick Up Cam offers the ability to be placed anywhere.


  • Indoor and outdoor products integrate seamlessly with each other for complete customizable home protection.
  • An indoor security hub with smart sensors including motion activated cameras provide security monitoring.
  • Spotlight cameras, floodlight cameras, alarms, lights, and Video Doorbell with 2-way conversation cover exterior protection.
  • The reasonably priced security kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender. Additional sensors are available.
  • RING Protect Plan includes a modest monthly or yearly fee with no long-term contracts.
  • RING Protect Plan provides around the clock professional monitoring alerting you and 911 emergency personnel
  • Ring Video Recording saves video up to 60 days with option to download to storage and electronically share with others. Without Ring Video Recording you cannot review video.
  • Help police identify and arrest burglars from recorded video footage.
  • RING App allows, “Disarmed,” “Home,” or “Away,” programming and designated “Light Zones” viewing.
  • Join neighbors in a Neighborhood Watch program via RING Neighborhood App to get real-time safety alerts and crime notices from RING Security, law-enforcement, and neighbors.
  • Check your local jurisdiction for information on whether the Ring Alarm System needs a permit.
  • Exciting and available soon, new integrated products include flood and freezer sensors and alarm, smoke, and carbon dioxide detectors.

“I chose the Ring Video Doorbell because it integrates fully with Alexa and is hardwired.” – Brian