State Of The Art Design Meets Old World Craftsmanship



Building projects 4,000 years ago were delivered by architects in charge, aka “Master Builders,” who carried out all responsibility for building. From the 20th century, the legal world crafted a new design/bid/build project delivery. Fortunately, as we move into the 21st century, owners realize this “new” concept of design/build is NOT new at all. Today, educated and savvy owners opt to go with design/build project delivery. It is an absolute must for cost and time-conscious construction without design compromise.

Operating a successful design/build business requires a person with a unique skill set-a rational and practical person who can be conscientious of design quality, construction methodology, and delivery deadlines, all at the same time. This person earns respect and confidence with their unquestionable reputation and deep knowledge of various building components and systems, and all aspects of the construction process. A reputable architect leading a design/build project is the best choice!

Project Delivery

• Design/Build

One Master Builder takes overall responsibility for project including design, bid, and construction. This is the best method for cost and time conscious construction without design compromise.

• Design/Bid/Build

Owner is in charge of design, estimates, and construction. Multiple parties are involved inherently resulting in miscommunications, compromised design and construction budget overruns.