Virtual Reality: When Plans Become Reality

Take a walk on the virtual side.  Technology now allows clients to “walk” through their new home before it is even built.  This is a dream come true for many architects and their clients.  With the use of a viewer and software, clients planning new homes can save time and money by making important changes during the design process, before it is built.

Graphic BIMx software allows clients to actively “walk” in virtual reality mode with the use of a viewer and a smartphone, such as Google Cardboard.  Upgraded versions such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive provide face padding and head straps to allow for a hands free experience.

Clients can walk through the front door and see every room of their planned home, and details of every aspect of the design can be clarified.  Imagine being able to experience how spacious your kitchen will feel, the atmosphere that your lighting plan will provide, or even what the view out your windows will look like.

Seeing your home design with photo-realistic textures and finishes before construction starts allows you to make any changes to colors or materials during the planning phase, keeping your project on budget and your construction schedule on time.  A presentation of color renderings, virtual reality animation, and a full gallery of different views can include your new home’s actual surrounding environment – such as existing trees, landscaping or waterfront – to assure you that windows and doors are properly sized and placed to maximize views and privacy.

Virtual reality is the best way so far to experience your architect and designer’s thoughts and input about your home design, and an ideal way to have complete confidence in all of your final decisions.

For more information, check out these websites:

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Let Stanton Architects, Inc. create a virtual reality experience for YOU !